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Last-minute Heavy Lifting: What Not to Risk

Posted on April 05, 2018

Commercial movers have the experience to execute an office relocation with minimal disruption to your operations.

Commercial movers have the experience to execute an office relocation with minimal disruption to your operations.

Are you juggling a last-minute house move and not yet thought about what you’re going to do with your hot tub, piano and other oversized belongings? There’s a reason why many homeowners leave the heavy lifting to a professional moving company. Namely, it’s to avoid risks.

We’ve seen what can happen when homeowners attempt to move large items on their own, especially when they’re racing the clock. It doesn’t always end well. In fact, it can result in:

  • Damaged goods
  • Damaged property
  • Injuries
  • Missed moving deadlines

It’s not just experience that allows moving companies in Kelowna to make these jobs look easy. In order to pull off a successful last-minute move, they rely on some key resources:


The Truck

Comparing a moving truck to your friend’s pickup truck is like, well…there is no comparison. In terms of storage capacity and protection for your belongings, a dedicated moving vehicle is far superior. 

Furthermore, many professional hot tub movers will utilize trucks equipped with loading cranes or ones with heavy-duty lift gates. If your hot tub is tucked away in the backyard, this makes it easier to load onto the vehicle and can save you from having to dismantle fences.


The Equipment

It requires a lot of strength to lift something as large as a piano. To lessen the burden, piano movers will use specialized dollies. Not only does this ensure these items are transported securely, it reduces the amount of required manpower, which helps save money.


The Packers and Movers

Before they can be moved safely, heavy objects like hot tubs and pianos need to be prepared properly. For instance, our moving company will bring in a third party that specializes in hot tubs to handle tasks such as: 

  • Disconnecting electrical components
  • Draining and clean the tub
  • Packing accessories

If you prefer, we can even arrange to have your hot tub reconnected at your new residence.


The Insurance

Hot tubs cost thousands of dollars, and high-end pianos can easily run in the tens of thousands. It behooves homeowners to ensure that these items are adequately insured. In the case of a new item, like a hot tub, that means hanging on to your receipts. For something like an antique piano, it’s worth obtaining a professional appraisal to support any potential claims.

However, when dealing with an accredited mover like Bekins Moving & Storage, we’re obligated to present you with additional insurance options, including:

Release Value Protection: covers possessions to a maximum value of $0.60 per pound, per article.

Replacement Value Protection: damaged items will be replaced with ones of similar value and quality.


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If you’re looking for a moving company with the ability to move heavy items like hot tubs, pool tables and pianos, talk to Bekins Moving & Storage by calling 1-844-501-1966.