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Last-Minute Move Survival Tips

Posted on January 20, 2021

Get your moving boxes packed as soon as you know your moving date.

Get your moving boxes packed as soon as you know your moving date.

Your boxes are packed. You’re ready to go. You’re standing outside your door… And then your moving truck rental never shows up. Things don’t always go to plan when moving residences. Unexpected interruptions or outright disasters can ensue if you don’t have a thought-out plan. Don’t worry. You can still accomplish all your moving tasks, even when you’re in a rush. Learn what to do if you have to make a last-minute move and use these moving tips to guide you.


Don’t Panic

When it comes to last-minute moves, a lot can go wrong when you panic. Making uninformed and hasty decisions is just inviting trouble. Take a step back to assess your situation. Write down everything that needs to be done, ask for help with the big tasks, and know that you are not alone.


Hire Reputable House Movers

A lot can go wrong when you book an uncredited moving company or decide to rent a moving truck or van at the last minute. Search online, ask around, and look up moving associations such as the Canadian Association of Movers to find reputable house movers that offer last-minute moving services. The sooner you have your movers booked, the sooner you can start planning everything else.


Start sorting

One of the best ways to manage a last-minute move is to sort through your belongings as soon as you know your moving date. Getting rid of things you no longer need will help the packing process fly by. Make a pile of items to sell, donate, or throw away. If it’s taking too long to sell, maybe consider donating those items to a charity that will accept them right away.



Go through all your rooms, and don’t forget your closets, basement, garage, and storage areas and pack up your lesser-used items first. 

Keep your essential items in one easy-to-find location and have your moving boxes and bags at the ready if your moving date changes or things become upended at the last minute. 

Need help packing? See if your moving company offers content packing services.


Attend to All Other Necessities

Once you have the big tasks out of the way, then attend to these steps:

  • Arrange your change of address notice
  • Contact all your utility providers (phone, cable, etc.)
  • Give your new address to friends and family. It also doesn’t hurt to pass on your contact information to your landlord in case any mail arrives at a later date. 
  • Clean your old house to get your damage deposit back and to make it suitable for the new owners.
  • Arrange personal transportation to your new location and pack an essentials bag for the trip.

For more moving tips, read Moving with Pets: How to Keep Everyone Happy.


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