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4 Reasons Why Last Minute Movers Are the Best Bet for a Quick Relocation

Posted on August 15, 2016

The services offered by last minute movers will greatly expedite the moving process.

The services offered by last minute movers will greatly expedite the moving process.

Moving under normal circumstances is hardly a picnic. Having to move at the last minute is even more of a challenge. To remove a lot of the stress from the equation, many Kelowna homeowners rely on last minute movers to help them pull off a seemingly impossible task.

No one intentionally moves at the last minute, but it happens more often than you’d think. Otherwise, many of the Kelowna movers out there wouldn’t offer it as a service! 

People find themselves needing last minute movers for any number of reasons, including:

  • Injured yourself while packing
  • Other Kelowna movers didn’t show up
  • Moving truck was double-booked
  • Got a job in another city that starts right away
  • Agreed to a quick possession date to sell you house

Regardless of how you ended up in this predicament, your best bet is to find a reputable moving company Kelowna residents recommend. This will speed up the process and get you on your way to your new home with your sanity still intact.


  1. Professional Packing Services

If you were originally planning on packing your belongings yourself to save a bit of money, you might want to reconsider. A team of professional movers will greatly cut down on the time it takes to pack your possessions and load them on a truck. 

Your time will be better spent sorting through the things you no longer want and separating them into piles for:

  • Donating
  • Selling
  • Throwing out

The added benefit of this is that you save money because there’ll be less to transport.


  1. Specialty Items

If you’ve never moved something as large as a hot tub before, it can soak up a lot of time. In this instance, it’s time you can’t afford to waste. 

When it comes to moving hot tubs and other specialty items, it requires a combination of experience, equipment and strength in order to avoid damaging:

  • The item in question
  • The immediate surroundings (i.e. the house)
  • Yourself


  1. Local or Long Distance

Whether you’re moving just a few blocks away, or all the way to one of the Atlantic provinces, a professional moving company will get you there quicker than any other option.


  1. Professional Cleaners

And while most last minute movers won’t provide cleaning services, they can probably recommend you to someone who does. This is another professional service that will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort once your house is empty.

Staying organized during a last minute move is a daunting task. To help you with this, read our post: Last Minute Movers Offer Organizing Tips to Keep You on Track.


If you need the support of professional last minute movers to pull off the impossible, call the experts at Bekins Moving & Storage. Our team members are highly trained to deliver the quickest, most efficient service in the industry.