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Last Minute Movers Share 3 Common Sense Moving Tips

Posted on January 23, 2017

Last minute movers recommend a common sense approach to ensure the moving process goes quickly and efficiently.

Last minute movers recommend a common sense approach to ensure the moving process goes quickly and efficiently.

No one particularly enjoys moving at the last minute. It’s something we end up doing out of necessity, rather than choice. It’s also why many people choose last minute movers to assist in this challenging task. When you do, you’re guaranteed to pick up some useful tips that’ll: 

  • Smooth the transition to your new home
  • Save time and aggravation
  • Keep you organized

When you’re frantically trying to get so much done in a short timeframe, it’s easy to overlook things. As the moving company Kelowna residents turn to first, we’ve seen this happen and we’ve heard the stories. We’re here to share our top moving tips so that you won’t fall into the same pattern.

Pack a ‘Bug-out Bag’

If you’ve ever watched war movies or spy thrillers, you may have come across the term ‘bug-out bag’ (sometimes also referred to as a ‘go bag’). Basically, it’s a kit of essential items that you can quickly grab in the event that you have to make a hasty exit when the baddies come knocking on your door. 

It’s not a total stretch to compare this to last minute movers (except you’re not likely running from heavily armed soldiers or government agents). Before you leave your home, it’s a good idea to set aside some essential supplies. This could include:

  • Change of clothing
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Snacks and water
  • Moving documents

That way, if you get waylaid during travel, or you have to do some extra tidying up before you leave, you’ll be prepared. Just make sure that you label your stash and pack it separately so that your last minute movers don’t accidentally load it on the moving truck.

The First in, Last out Rule

Common sense has a sneaky way of eluding people when they’re in the midst of a last minute move. Take the ‘first in, last out’ principle, for instance. Logic dictates that the first items you place in the moving truck will be placed at the back. Therefore, these same items will be the last ones to be brought out. 

In other words, pack the less important stuff first and the most important stuff last. That way, you’ll get to it first when you’re unpacking. This could include:

  • Towels
  • Computers
  • Charging cables
  • Coffee maker
  • Phones

Update Your Utilities and Accounts

In the digital era of communication, it’s generally a straightforward process to notify your utility companies and other service providers of your impending move. In many cases, you can do it ahead of time online, or over the phone. Just make sure you don’t cancel your service too soon, or you could literally get left in the dark. 

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