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Last Minute Move, Nowhere to Put It All? Try a Moving & Storage Company

Posted on February 27, 2017

Companies that offer moving and storage services can help homeowners scrambling to pull off a last minute move.

Companies that offer moving and storage services can help homeowners scrambling to pull off a last minute move.

Your house is packed and you’re ready to move out, but there’s just one small hiccup: your new home isn’t available for a few weeks. Where are you going to put all of you belongings? It’s a situation where you wish you’d had the foresight to find last minute movers who offer moving AND storage solutions!

This is one of the challenges of last minute moving. There’s so much going on in such a short period of time. It’s hard to think of everything when you’re under the gun.

People find themselves having to move at the last minute for many reasons:

  • New job opportunity in another city
  • Real estate investment opportunity
  • Family emergency

Of course, if you’re already committed to a moving company Kelowna homeowners recommend, they might know of a storage company where you can stow your belongings. However, finding a moving company that offers both services is far more convenient.


All-inclusive Moving Quotes

Companies that offer moving and storage will provide a quote that encompasses all of your moving needs. There’s no need to deal with a separate company for the storage side of things.

This approach makes for a more streamlined moving process, as one company will oversee all of the logistics. You’ll also likely find your bill will be cheaper by working with one company instead of two.


Container Storage Options

If there’s going to be a gap between the time you move out and the time you move in, you could be facing costly storage fees if your goods are just going to sit on a moving truck. The reason for this is it takes up valuable resources.

Instead, by anticipating the need to store your items, your last minute movers will likely suggest packing your stuff into storage containers. This has a number of advantages:

  • No need unpack/repack your goods
  • Less chance of damaging your goods
  • More cost-effective than storing on a moving truck
  • Easy to reload and transport once your ready to move in


Safe, Secure and All in One Place

There are other options to store your belongings, but they might be less than ideal. For instance, your friend might kindly offer to let you store your goods in their garage. However, in this case, there are some things that require consideration:

  • Will your goods be insured?
  • What happens if something goes missing?
  • How will you get your goods to your new place?

With a professional moving and storage service, your goods will be store in a secure compound, and transported at your convenience. 

For other helpful moving hints, read: Last Minute Movers Share 3 Common Sense Moving Tips.


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