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Make Your International Move Stress-Free

Posted on April 19, 2022

Take the stress out of an international move by hiring professionals.

Take the stress out of an international move by hiring professionals.

Anytime you have to move, it can be stressful, even if it's just down the road. Making a move overseas is way more complex than the average move, making hiring a professional moving services company crucial to the success of your move.

Bekins Moving and Storage have successfully moved customers to over 30 countries and worked to build and foster relationships on the other side (countries) of moves. An international move involves careful planning and coordinating with other partners and governments. In addition to the planning stages, there are further steps to take when planning an international move; documents are required such as passports, visa or immigration documents, and others. Bekins Kelowna has put together some helpful information for an international move that can provide you with excellent moving tips. Like regular travel to another country, certain items are allowable and others prohibited. To name a few: fresh produce, plants, and weapons.

Bekins Team Of Experts

The team at Bekins Movers is equipped with international moving experts who can help you through the entire process, including packing all of your belongings and prepping them for the big move. As a member of United Van Lines, which includes the international division, Bekins has access to 300 overseas partners in 160 countries. Having good relationships in other countries is vital to a stress-free move as your belongings will need to be passed off to a different company when it arrives in the new country.

Best Packing Option For Your Move

By working with a professional moving company like Bekins Movers, you will be set up for success. The experts can help determine if packing your items in a shipping storage container to be sent via sea freight is best or if air freight would be better. If your move is within North America, there is also the option of a moving truck.

Bekins Moving and Storage is a locally owned and operated, family-run business serving customers throughout BC and Alberta. If you have a move in your future, whether a short-distance or a long-distance move, contact us today to receive a moving quote.