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Meet Brett Taylor, Another Bekins Family Mate

Posted on September 23, 2022

Brett has been a valuable member of the Bekins family for 4 years.

Brett has been a valuable member of the Bekins family for 4 years.

Bekins Moving and Storage is all about fostering a family culture, and for them, they don't have teammates; they have family mates. Meet one of those family mates, Brett Taylor, who has been with the moving services company for four years. When asked about his connection to Bekins, he admits he never had one before starting with them but had heard about them and knew he wanted to work with a reputable moving company like they are.

The Day-To-Day

Brett is proud to be a member of the Bekins "family" and spends his days as a mover, where he is a moving truck driver and packer. When he began with Bekins four years ago, he started as a "swamper," who is someone who does all of the moving tasks but doesn't drive the trucks. Since then, Brett has become part of the full-service moving team.

In Brett's Words

According to Brett, Bekins provides professional moving services to anyone who wants to move anything anywhere. There is no job that is too big or too far for Bekins.

The Standouts

For Brett, it isn't so much about having specific memories; it's about every day being unique. One of the things he appreciates most about working with Bekins is the variation from day to day. Although, he will admit that the job where he moved the old owners of Gray Monk is one of his favourites. They packed moving boxes and loaded their house, and had the opportunity to chat with the client. Brett says they were extremely kind and even bought them McDonald’s.

Brett also appreciates the flexibility of his job and the unpredictability. He likes that they have staff meetings and that Nathan hosts weekend barbeques and takes his team to Rockets Games. Brett truly believes that Nathan cares about every employee's progress in their life and career. 

We All Look Up To Someone

For Brett, this person is Mike Sinclair, the warehouse manager. He has no problem admitting that he has looked up to Mike's worth ethic from the day he started. In Brett's eyes, Mike is the first to arrive and the last to leave; it's a commitment that most people don't have.

Bekins is your local moving and storage company, which not only provides professional moving services but cares about the clients they serve. Whether you are moving locally or have a long-distance move, the team at Bekins can make it stress-free. Contact them today to receive a free moving quote.