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Meet Dawn Miller

Posted on March 28, 2022

Dawn is passionate about bringing a family-like culture to Bekins and mentoring her staff.

Dawn is passionate about bringing a family-like culture to Bekins and mentoring her staff.

With 25 plus years of experience in the moving and storage industry, Dawn Miller is pleased to be the General Manager and Business Partner of Bekins Kelowna. Surprisingly, she is not only a partner to run the business with Nathan but is also proud to be Nathan's Mom. Before the inception of Bekins Kelowna, Dawn brought her son into the industry. Since being an integral part of Bekins Kelowna since its inception in 2015, she works to bring the family aspect to the company. 

The Day-To-Day Life At Work

Armed with experience, in 2015, when Bekins Kelowna Moving & Storage began, Dawn started from the beginning, pouring her heart and soul into the place. She spends her days coaching and mentoring the internal staff while also hiring the administration roles for this Kelowna storage company. Having the experience that Dawn does, she uses her sales skills to build and foster relationships with some of the larger commercial clients to assist with their moving and storage needs. 

Although Dawn didn't start as a General Manager, she's always had a leaders mindset. She has been alongside Nathan since he decided to open his own company, offering professional and motherly support. Throughout the evolution of Dawn's role, she has developed training programs, and while working for the business, she is also a huge part of the business. 

Bekins Kelowna In A Nutshell

In the simplest description, Dawn describes Bekins as a company that offers professional moving and storage services for local, national, and international moves while working to service residential and commercial clients.

Appreciation For Culture

There isn't a day when Dawn isn't honoured to be part of the Bekins work family. Nowadays, every company advertises a "family-like" culture, but it is rare that it actually is. Regularly Dawn is told by the staff how much they appreciate the culture she and her son have built, and they will often reference how it wasn't like that at their previous place of employment. Dawn is proud that everyone on the team supports each other through work and life challenges. According to Dawn, together, they celebrate the wins, and each recognizes how the different personalities make Bekins the amazing team they are. They do this while still working hard every day to fulfill the needs of their loyal customers' storage facility and moving needs. 

A Walk Down Memory Lane

When asked if Dawn had a favourite memory, the answer was easy. From the very beginning, they first went to look at the location and saw that it wasn't set up for a storage facility. Through an incredible vision and hard work, she watched it grow into what it is today. She remembers Nathan grinding the floors to make them level for forklifts and working on framing offices. She understands this company is a labour of love and loves the memory of where it all came from. 

The People That Surround You

Each day Dawn interacts with everyone in the company, and every staff member at Bekins is known as family mates to each other. Dawn has worked to develop professional and personal relationships with her family mates, and not one stands out in her mind. It isn't because they aren't all incredible people; she cares for all of them equally. For Dawn, life is about having a human connection beyond just working side-by-side. She is known as Momma Dawn. 

The Bekins team takes pride in bringing their commitment to all-inclusive, high-quality service to the Okanagan and beyond, even at the last minute! Move with a company that treats you like family, contact us today.