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Meet Family Mate, Lisa

Posted on August 29, 2022

As part of the sales team, Lisa had a connection with Bekins before she started working for them.

As part of the sales team, Lisa had a connection with Bekins before she started working for them.

It's time to meet another Bekins Moving and Storage family mate, Lisa. Although Lisa isn't "family-family," she is a major part of the Bekins work family and had a connection before she began with them over a year ago. She used to work for United years ago in Coquitlam, and Dawn (AKA Momma Dawn) worked for the Kelowna branch of the same company. The two used to connect with each other for work with United and then just over a year ago when Lisa decided to move to Kelowna, Dawn offered her a job with Bekins.


Lisa began her career with Bekins as part of the moving and storage inside sales team, where she would take incoming calls to qualify moves and begin the process for customers. Although she is still active with inside sales, Lisa has moved into a new sales role where she is heavily involved with all aspects of the "sale" part of a relocation.

Lisa's Point Of View

It's easy for the owners of Bekins to say what they do, but hearing the perspective of a team member is different. From Lisa's point of view, Bekins is a moving services company that assists customers with their relocation needs, including packing and moving, no matter the distance. She said (as she chuckled) that they keep customers sane through the moving process.

Everyday Is A Memory

Since memories are typically formed on positive experiences, when Lisa was asked about a favourite memory with Bekins, she couldn't narrow it down. Rather she stated that Dawn is incredible to work with. She recognizes the work people do and cares for people beyond what happens at work. Every work day is filled with positivity; it isn't all about work; Bekins cares about their people.

Lisa doesn't claim to have a family mate but a work sister. She says she and Laura work closely every day and she relies on her for guidance and feels she is always there to help out.

Bekins Moving and Storage is based in the Okanagan and accommodates any move, no matter the distance. If you have a move on the horizon or anticipate needing storage, reach out to Bekins to learn more.