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Meet Theresa & Matt Wallace

Posted on June 06, 2022

Bekins Kelowna proudly fosters a family-like team culture.

Bekins Kelowna proudly fosters a family-like team culture.

It's time to meet more integral members of the Bekins Kelowna "family." Theresa and Matt Wallace are a husband and wife duo living up to the culture that Bekins fosters. Matt has been working with Nathan and the Bekins team as an employee for ten years, and Theresa joined four years ago. Together, they have become owner/operators as long-haul movers. 

Although Theresa and Matt call Kelowna home, they spend their life on the road, which for them, it's all part of the adventure. Working and driving a moving truck for people located across British Columbia, they are professional house movers and their work includes packing up clients' houses, loading, and hauling. As exhausting as this could be for many, the couple loves running their own moving company within the Bekins umbrella. 

Evolution With Bekins Moving & Storage

When Matt began with Bekins as an employee, he was a traditional mover where his day-to-day consisted of working on local moves where he would load and unload during the same day within the Okanagan. Over the years, Matt (now with his wife, Theresa) has developed his team and independent business to service the entire province, including a contract with the federal government.

Theresa and Matt are proud to be a part of the Bekins Family! 

Theresa and Matt are proud to be a part of the Bekins Family! 

What Bekins Does, According To The Couple

It's always interesting to hear members of the Bekins team explain what they do. According to Theresa, Bekins takes care of people's moving needs. They are relocation experts who handle any move from start to finish and Nathan is always there to offer moving tips.

Appreciation Extends

For this moving duo, what they appreciate most is that Bekins is a small company with a big heart. Unlike many large companies, Nathan is always available and is attentive to both the teams' needs and moving services for his clients. Theresa and Matt feel they are all closely knit, and they love that every day is an adventure with no two days being the same.

Memories To Last

For Theresa and Matt, their life is like one big trip. Over the years, they have seen so many wonderful places and one move that particularly stands out is from the Sunshine Coast. The house was on the beach, and they were invited to stay in their guest house during the move, and to this couple, it was breathtaking.

Bekins Moving and Storage is located in the Okanagan Valley and offers local moving services, across Canada moves, and International moves. To learn more about how Bekins can help with your move or to get a moving quote, contact them today.