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Moving Checklist: 8 of the Most Commonly Missed Packing Spots

Posted on August 29, 2019

Your moving checklist should include looking for hidden treasures in your attic.

Your moving checklist should include looking for hidden treasures in your attic.

You've arrived at your new home, opened your moving boxes, put everything in its place to find you can’t find your baking sheet for the cookies you were planning to make for your new neighbours. With all the stress and running around, it’s not an uncommon situation to find things you forgot to pack when moving. Use our moving checklist for some of the most commonly missed items to pack, and where you should check for them before your house movers arrive.


1. Oven Drawer

We often leave our major appliances behind when we move, and an oven is no exception. When packing your kitchen appliances, don’t forget to open the bottom oven drawer for items such as baking sheets, broiler pan, and other cooking utensils.


2. Fridge

Again, we tend to leave our old fridge behind when we move, so it’s easy to forget to clear out food items and clean the refrigerator before we move. Check the drawers and freezer, so that those taking possession of your old home won’t be left cleaning up your mess.


3. Dishwasher

It's normal to do one last wash-up of our dishes, glasses, and cutlery before we move. However, with the chaos of moving day, we may forget that we've left said items in the dishwasher. Inspect your dishwasher shelves, cutlery tray as well as at the base for anything left behind. 


4. Medicine Cabinet

While you likely won’t forget your towels, toothbrush, and other essential accessories, you may forget to look in that mirrored medicine cabinet hiding in the corner of your bathroom. Check your cabinet for any medical supplies and prescriptions that you'll need to bring with you. You can safely dispose of expired medicines by taking them to your pharmacy.


5. Washer/Dryer

The washer and dryer are two other appliances that tend to be left behind when we move. Avoid arriving at your new home wondering where your favourite T-shirt is by opening your washer and dryer for any clothes that may have been thrown in at the last minute.


6. Attic and Crawlspace

Often dark and filled with cobwebs, the attic and crawlspace are the last places we want to visit. However, these hidden-away spaces are where we stash away old treasures such as heirlooms or that batch of wine made years ago. Be brave and check them before you move.


7. The Shed

In our rush to pack everything inside our homes for moving and storage, we sometimes forget to check where we store things outside. Don’t forget to check your shed for gardening equipment, lawnmower, bikes, tools, beach toys, sleds, and other items you may miss.


8. Safety Deposit Box/Post Office Box

Many of us don’t feel comfortable leaving valuables such as jewelry, passports, money, or other vital documents inside our homes. Instead, we opt to lock those items in safety deposit boxes at the bank. Sometimes this can be done years before. If you're planning a long-distance move, make sure to empty your PO box or safety deposit box before packing.

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