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Movers in Kelowna: How to Conduct a Last Minute Move in 4 Steps

Posted on March 07, 2018

Reduce the stress of a last minute move by hiring reliable movers in Kelowna to help you pack, move and unpack.

Reduce the stress of a last minute move by hiring reliable movers in Kelowna to help you pack, move and unpack.

It’s the kind of scenario that induces panic: You’ve just found out that the moving van you rented from that truck rental place has been double booked and now you’re stranded without the means or a way to vacate your Kelowna apartment at the end of the month.

First, try not to despair, as there are ways to keep yourself above water.

Next, inhale.

Then, follow these 4 steps for last minute moving by movers in Kelowna.

Finally, exhale.


1. Look for reliable last minute movers

If that truck rental company has let you down, then don’t hesitate to search for a moving company Kelowna trusts to handle last minute moves.

When booking, make sure to do your research.

Look to see if the company has:

  • Industry accreditation with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Chamber of Commerce
  • Third party referrals and testimonials
  • Both online and on-site estimates

A reliable moving company should also be able to answer all your questions about:

  • Moving quotes
  • Services provided
  • Options such as packing, unpacking and storage


2. Sort, sell and recycle

This is one of the steps you may have already started, but will need to fast track as your moving date approaches. The first thing we recommend is to keep calm, and carry on. Don’t opt for the free-for-all kind of packing that can result in damage to your goods, and have you not knowing where everything is once you get to your new place.

Start by going through each room and make three piles. Sort through:

  • What you need
  • What you don’t use but can be sold
  • What can be recycled 

To sell items quickly, try posting them on an online buy and sell or classified site. For those items that no longer hold value, try taking them to a recycling depot or charity shop before resorting to the landfill.


3. Don’t hesitate to seek help when packing

Now that you have your items sorted, start packing them in order of the room they are intended for and mark your boxes accordingly.

If you’re running out of time, don’t hesitate to ask for help. If friends or family are unavailable, see if your movers in Kelowna offer content packing services, where professional packers and movers arrive a day or two before your move date and not only pack everything, but supply all the packing materials such as:

  • Boxes and specialty cartons for fragile items
  • Mattress bags
  • Tape and tissue paper
  • Other protective materials


4. Take care of those last-minute details

 There are a few things you may forget through the chaos of a last minute move.

Making sure to inform your contacts of your move is an important step.

Don’t forget to notify these offices of your address change:

  • Government for driver’s licence, MSP, taxes, etc.
  • Post office
  • Utility companies
  • Phone (land and mobile), cable and Internet provider
  • Subscription holders
  • Car and home insurance carriers
  • Bank and credit card companies


Need more help? Get in the Zone by using this Moving Checklist to Deal with a Last Minute Move.

If you find yourself in panic mode due to a last-minute move, trust Bekins Kelowna Moving and Storage to manage the packing, moving and unpacking so, you can focus on other tasks. We are associated with United Van Lines as well as the CAW, BBB and Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, and have many happy clients that can testify to our professional and efficient service standards.