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New Year, New Home, New Habits: How Moving Can Open Opportunities

Posted on January 19, 2018

Use the idea of moving into a new home as the catalyst for making changes to some of your old habits.

Use the idea of moving into a new home as the catalyst for making changes to some of your old habits.

Want to stop smoking, exercise more, eat healthier foods? These are some of the typical resolutions we make in the new year. But you may be more apt to attempt these goals when you find yourself in a new home.

Research has shown that when you make a major life transition such as changing your job or moving house, it is easier to form newer and healthier habits. We tend to be more open to new ideas and information, and as a result, more successful in sticking to our goals.

That doesn’t mean that we should start packing right away. But we can take away some of the ideas from how a house move can make us feel and start the new year off on the right foot.


Declutter your life before you hire your house movers

One of the best things about hiring house movers to get us into a new home is it forces us to clear out our cupboards, so to speak.  Fewer items to move equals a lower moving quote. A good habit to form all-year round is to not load ourselves up with too much “stuff,” whether it be paperwork, clothes, and other household items we no longer need. Help free up your space by sticking to some of these healthy habits:

  • Turn to paperless bills and cut back on mail
  • Donate a box of unused items to a local charity once a month, every month
  • Recycle those used or worn out plastic items lying around the house
  • Visit the dump – a dump run will save you $$ on your moving expenses


Reduce your spending habits

This is a natural occurrence for many who hire a moving company to start a new life in a new home. We tend to want to keep our costs down. The best way to continue saving is to make a new budget and forgo those extra expenses. Try leaving your credit and debit cards at home and take out cash for your expenditures. Stick to the essentials by shopping with a list, consider whether the item will end up in your donation box of unused items, and avoid weaknesses such as that daily $5 latté. Finally, set a goal —maybe a trip, a new couch, or renovation project— that you can reward yourself with down the road!


Try for more sustainable living

A small change can make a huge amount of difference, especially when it comes to looking after the planet. First shopping trip for your new home? New cleaning and household supplies!

Some simple changes you can make include:

  • Forgoing chemical-laden cleaning products for eco-friendly alternatives
  • Using reusable shopping bags whenever you go to the store
  • Planting a vegetable garden or flower bed
  • Cutting back on water consumption
  • Walking or biking to work instead of driving


For moving tips on how you can declutter your home for household movers, read our blog: Tips to Help you Declutter Before Your Last Minute Movers Arrive.


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