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Cleaning Time: Moving Companies in Kelowna Talk Clean Up

Posted on April 07, 2017

These tips are especially handy for those who have been renting a house or apartment and want to claim the damage deposit.

These tips are especially handy for those who have been renting a house or apartment and want to claim the damage deposit.

If there’s one thing moving companies in Kelowna can agree on, it’s that moving and cleaning are made much easier when you do it strategically, and in stages.

At Bekins, we’re experts in more than just moving and storage. With hundreds of moves behind us, we’ve also collected helpful tips about how to clean the house during the move so you can leave your place better than how you found it, and, if you’re renting, earn back that damage deposit.


1. Clean as you pack

Just like with packing, moving companies in Kelowna say this is an effective way to clean—room-by-room—instead of facing a huge mess all in one go at the end. Plus, it helps you clear out the cobwebs, figuratively and literally, without becoming too stressed with the task at hand. Start with the areas of little use, such as the storage closet or attic, before diving headlong into the kitchen.


2. Start with the smaller jobs

Before you tackle that nasty coffee stain on the living room carpet, start with a little light dusting and vacuuming. That way you’ll have some reserves in the tank before you have to apply more elbow grease.


3. Store up on boxes

Just when you thought you’d packed everything… The basement is a notorious place for safekeeping items for eventual moving and storage. Prepare to haul out a few extra loads.


4. Finish with the bathroom(s) and kitchen

This relates to Tip #2, as cleaning both the bathroom and kitchen tend to be the most daunting of all the tasks. A mixture of sodium bicarbonate and vinegar will be your best friend in tackling those residual grease marks and tough stains.

For clogged drains, try pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain and then dump in ½ cup of baking soda, followed by 1 cup of vinegar. Cover with the drain plug and let sit for approx. 10 minutes, then flush with more hot water.


Extra Moving Out Cleaning Tips for Renters

Fix & clean the walls. If you had a lot of artwork or wall hangings, gently remove the nails and/or screws and apply a smooth layer of putty to fill the holes. This also goes for any holes left on the ceiling. Clean the walls, baseboards, windowsills, doorknobs and light fixtures. Use a strong, yet safe cleaning agent for removing mould and mildew stains. While you’re up there, dust and clean those dirty light fixtures.

Pet control. If you have a pet, Kelowna movers often recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaner, or rent out a machine and do it yourself.


Once you’ve got everything spic and span, get packing and make it easy to remember everything with our article: Kelowna Movers Answer Most Commonly Asked Questions.


When you’re looking for expert Kelowna movers who have all kinds of moving tips and moving services as well as packing and storage solutions, talk to Bekins!