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Fixer-uppers: Moving Companies Kamloops Residents Trust Offer Advice

Posted on August 23, 2016

The moving companies Kamloops residents rely on have a number of helpful tips for people moving into fixer-uppers.

The moving companies Kamloops residents rely on have a number of helpful tips for people moving into fixer-uppers.

People tend to move into ‘fixer-uppers’ for one of two primary reasons. The first is to remodel it and then flip it for a profit. The second is to remodel it with the intention of living in it long-term. When it comes to the latter option, the moving companies Kamloops residents recommend have some moving tips that could prove useful.

If you can secure a fixer-upper property at a bargain rate, you could stand to earn a solid return on your investment. Some people even do this as a profession, but to be successful at it, it requires:

  • Contractor-quality renovation skills
  • Persistence (treat it like a job)
  • Eye for seeing potential in homes
  • Thorough understanding of local real estate trends
  • Investment capital (for down payment, tools, building materials etc.)

However, the majority of homeowners who go fixer-upper route do it because it’s an affordable way of getting on the property ladder. If you’re contemplating this, our Kamloops movers have some suggestions.


Do as Much as Possible Before You Move in

Working on an empty home is much more straightforward than one that’s full of your belongings. That’s because:

  • It’s easier to access the places you need to work
  • You won’t have to constantly shuffle things around
  • There’s no risk of damaging your belongings

In short, you can treat it more like a jobsite and less like your home, which greatly enhances your ability to work.

If the extent of the required renovations is significant enough, it might even be worth moving into a rental unit temporarily until the bulk of the work is done. After all, who wants to live in a house that’s only half-functional?


Look at Your Moving and Storage Options

Another way to keep your new home uncluttered while you work is to find a place to store your non-essential items. Basically, this could include anything that you don’t use on a weekly basis, such as: 

  • Extra furniture
  • Keepsakes, artwork and collectibles
  • Files
  • Books

There are a number of moving companies Kamloops homeowners recommend that provide both temporary and long-term storage options as a value-added service. Their units are secure and climate-controlled. As work progresses, you can either collect your possessions yourself, or have your Kamloops movers deliver them to your doorstep.

If you’re trying to find a reliable mover, read our post: 4 Tips for Choosing the Movers Kelowna Residents Trust.


Make a Priority List

When tackling a remodeling project, it pays to plan it out and follow a common-sense approach to avoid:

  • Unnecessary expenses
  • Wasting time
  • Redoing work 

For instance, if your home requires electrical wiring upgrades, it would make sense to take care of that before you begin painting your walls.

Anything you can do to streamline the workflow will enable you to move in that much sooner!


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