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Moving Company Offers 4 Tips for Lower Moving Quotes

Posted on June 21, 2016

Packing your own boxes is one example of how you can lower the quote you receive from a moving company.

Packing your own boxes is one example of how you can lower the quote you receive from a moving company.

If you want to move the right way, a moving company is often the most convenient option for the many homeowners. However, a move always needs to be carefully planned so that if fits within your budget. After all, most of us have finite financial resources we can draw upon for such things.

Fortunately, there are a number of cost-cutting measures you can take to:

  • Make moving simpler
  • Reorganize your life
  • Receive lower moving quotes


  1. Purge

Here’s a relatively simple concept: the fewer items you have, the less you’ll have to pay a moving company to transport them. So before you pack a single box, give some serious thought to scaling down.

Moving is an ideal time to literally take stock of what you own. The tricky part is deciding what you should keep and what can be sold or given away. 

Just make sure you check all of those storage places that tend to get overlooked: 

  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Closets
  • Basement
  • Crawl space

Not only will this save you money on moving quotes—which are based on the weight of the goods you’re moving—it makes moving faster and less complicated.


  1. Get Multiple Moving Quotes

Whether they’re buying goods or services, most people are preprogrammed to shop around for the best deal. The same rules apply to hiring movers Kelowna residents recommend. By taking your time and researching moving companies, you stand a better chance of finding one that: 

  • Has industry experience
  • Is competitively priced
  • Uses appropriate vehicles and equipment
  • Has enough manpower to do the job quickly and effectively

When looking for movers Kelowna families rely on, get feedback from anyone you know who has recently moved. This could include friends, family members or colleagues. Was the moving company:

  • On time?
  • Good to deal with?
  • Able to deliver the services promised?


  1. Do Your Own Packing

Many moving companies offer packing services, which is convenient if it fits within your budget. Professional movers will pack your belongings in about half the time it would take you to do it. Not only does this speed up the moving process, it allows you to focus on other tasks.

To learn more about the benefits of professional packing services, check out our post: 4 Reasons to Let Moving Companies Kelowna Residents Trust Pack for You.

However, if you have the time and you use appropriate packing supplies, you can reduce your moving quote by packing yourself.


  1. Move in the Off-season

You don’t always get to choose when you move. If your house sells in the middle of summer, that’s when you’ll need to start packing. However, if you’re flexible with your moving dates, a moving company might be inclined to give you a better deal when business is slower.


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