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Moving Services Advice: Tips for Relocating Large Families

Posted on July 19, 2016

Choosing the right moving services and developing a detailed plan can help ensure a successful move for families of any size.

Choosing the right moving services and developing a detailed plan can help ensure a successful move for families of any size.

Planning a move is difficult enough when you have an average-size family. But when your family is big enough fill out a starting lineup for a hockey game, the moving services and amount of planning required will likely be a little more involved.

Our Kelowna movers have witnessed this on more than one occasion, and they’ve gleaned a number of useful moving tips from families that might:

  • Help your move go smoothly
  • Get your children involved in the process
  • Save time and money


Be Prepared

If your kids are in Scouts, you’ve probably heard the motto before: ‘Be Prepared.’ This is essential for large families undertaking a move. Whether you need moving services to relocate across town or across the country, getting an early start on planning is a good idea. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to line up Kelowna movers because you let weeks slip by without acting.

Moving typically unfolds in several phases:

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transport
  • Arrival
  • Unpacking

If you can develop a detailed game plan for each segment, you’re more likely to pull off your move with your sanity intact.

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Make It a Family Affair

With the proper guidance, your kids might surprise you by just how much they can help you during your move. Plus, if you can get them to view moving as an adventure, it could help take their minds off the fact that they’ll likely be leaving some close friends behind.

If your children are of an appropriate age, a few simple tasks you can get them to help with include:

  • Cleaning bedrooms
  • Packing their belongings
  • Sorting through old toys and things that can be donated
  • Putting them in charge of family pets

To help get them excited about their new home, get them to research the area and find fun things you can do once you arrive. As a reward for all of their hard work, take them to one of these attractions shortly after you arrive.


Send Your Kids Away

Not all children are going to respond to a move with equal fervor. Others simply won’t be old enough to be of much use. In the latter case, you might find yourself spending more time looking after them, rather than packing and preparing.

If your kids aren’t buying into the idea of relocating, and you’d rather just get down to work, you can always send them away to:

  • Summer camp (time sensitive, of course)
  • Relatives
  • Family friends

Sometimes, all you need is a day or two to take care of business, and with the little ones out of the equation, you can really go for it.


No matter how big or small your move is, Bekins Moving & Storage is up to the task. Call us to learn which of our moving services are best suited for your specific needs.