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Moving Tips: 5 Ways to Declutter your Kitchen Counters and Drawers

Posted on September 25, 2020

Alleviate kitchen counter clutter with our moving tips.

Alleviate kitchen counter clutter with our moving tips.

Crowded counters and drawers are typical of many household kitchens. Between that knife block, those overstuffed utensil sorters, endless spice racks, and numerous counter-top appliances, there is usually little room to actually prepare meals. 

Bekins Kelowna is here with more moving tips to help you declutter your kitchen before and after you move. Get ready to enjoy more than a square foot of counter space to cut your veggies and season those steaks!


Get Rid of those ‘Fad’ Kitchen Gadgets

Some of us, at one time, have turned on the Home Shopping Network and invested in some kind of kitchen gadget that we thought would be the next best thing. Then it ended up gathering dust on our kitchen counters. If you have rarely used appliances —deluxe juicer, sous-vide machine, bread maker come to mind— now is the time to consider whether they should make their way into your moving boxes. Our Kelowna movers suggest you follow this simple rule: If you don’t use ‘em, lose ‘em!

Keep your Utensils and Tools to a Minimum

Gone are the days of Downton Abbey, where privileged folk felt they needed a fish fork, a butter knife, and three other sets of cutlery for one meal. A simple rule of thumb when moving is to pack only what you’ll need at your new home, including:

  • At least 8 flatware sets (fork, knife, spoon), dishes, glasses, mugs, and bowls for each member of your family, and at least four extra sets for guests.
  • Sharp-set of knives
  • One set of pots and pans
  • Bakeware only if you bake
  • Basic tools such as a can opener, box grater, colander, veggie peeler, assorted wooden spoons, spatula, ladle, cutting board, mixing bowl, corkscrew


Consolidate Your Countertop Appliances

Thanks to modern technology, kitchen appliances can now multi-task. Instead of packing both a toaster and a toaster oven, why not choose one that toasts your bread and even roasts a chicken? The same can be said about your blender, food processor, immersion blender, coffee maker, utensils... Nowadays, you can keep appliances to a minimum by choosing one multi-functional model.


Add Shelving 

One way to alleviate counter clutter in your new kitchen is by adding adequate shelving. Place shelves above your counters so that all items are reachable and are at your sightline. Make sure shelves are wide and sturdy enough to hold your fine china and wine glasses. A separate china cabinet in your living or dining room is another way to cut down on the clutter.


Consider an Island

A kitchen island is a great way to add counter space in your new home. Some islands include drawers, cabinets, and cooktops, and can even be used as a seating area. See how Bekins’ moving services can help If you plan to move an island from your old kitchen into your new kitchen.


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