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Moving Tips: 8 Ways to Keep Your Belongings Safe

Posted on December 15, 2020

Handle your move with care with moving tips from Bekins Kelowna moving company.

Handle your move with care with moving tips from Bekins Kelowna moving company.

Just like that song sung by the late-80's supergroup, the Traveling Wilburys, preventing your grandmother’s antique tea set from being beaten and battered around as well as shot up and shot down is imperative when moving.  As we protect our hearts from breaking, so should we when packing and preparing our most fragile items for transit. Use our moving tips to protect your belongings, and as the song goes, handle with care.


Watch for Deceptively Fragile Items 

While it’s essential to protect the things we know are fragile, such as crystal and porcelain, it’s also necessary to take care when packing and moving the things we don’t always think are breakable. Some of the items that can be damaged when moving include:

  • Heavy and oddly-shaped furniture 
  • Electronic equipment 
  • Your property such as floors, walls, handrails
  • Yourself from lifting heavy objects


Pack with Precision 

Making sure your items arrive in one piece starts with how you pack them. Be organized and start with one room at a time, paying particular attention to fragile items. Take your time to prepare breakable items using packing materials such as bubble wrap, blankets, paper, and specialty cartons, or contact your Bekins movers for fragile/breakable packing services.


Call on Trusted Movers

Lifting and moving heavy and fragile objects on your own is asking for trouble. Ensure your belongings are safe by calling on Kelowna movers that you can trust. When choosing a Kelowna moving company, it helps to check that they have:

  • Credentials: Look at their affiliations and partnerships
  • Credibility: Read reviews and testimonials
  • Equipment: Ensure they can do the job in the safest way possible


Make an inventory

Before your moving date, make sure you know what you have packed in each box, paying particular attention to fragile items. Make a list and take a photo of the contents and keep it with you to have a record if anything goes missing or is damaged.


Invest in Insurance

Prepare for the inevitable by making sure your belongings are adequately insured before you have them moved. Bekins Kelowna offers two types of insurance:

  • Released Value Protection is included with all moves at no additional cost and covers your possessions to a maximum value of $0.60 per pound, per article. 
  • Replacement Value Protection offers additional protection, where Bekins will repair an item to its original condition or replace it at today’s market price if it should become lost or damaged.


Move Some Items Yourself

While your movers should handle most of your belongings, there are some personal, valuable, and prohibited items you may want or have to move yourself to ensure they are kept safe, including:

  • Necessary paperwork such as insurance, wills, etc.
  • Birth certificates, passports, and other ID
  • Pets 
  • House plants
  • Jewelry
  • Hunting rifles, guns
  • Fuel, propane tanks
  • Alcohol


Store Anything that Doesn’t Need to Be Moved Right Away

Storing your contents is an excellent way to protect them If you have time between moving out and moving in dates. Bekins Kelowna not only offers moving services but also has a warehouse available for short and long-term storage. Plus, they pick up and deliver.


Don’t Advertise Your Move

A house filled with moving boxes is a tempting target for thieves. That’s why it’s essential not to advertise your move to anyone but your close circle. Avoid announcing your move or giving out your new address on social media, and instruct your kids to do the same. Once your belongings are in their place, and you have a new lock on your new home door, then feel free to announce the news of your move.


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As an affiliate partner of United Van Lines and a member of the Canadian Association of Movers, Bekins Kelowna is one of the Kelowna moving companies you can trust to handle your belongings with care. Contact us for local, long-distance and last-minute residential and commercial moving and packing services as well as storage services.