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Over the Border: International Moving Tips from Your Long Distance Movers

Posted on March 28, 2019

Bekins Kelowna long distance movers can assist you when looking to move across the border into the US.

Bekins Kelowna long distance movers can assist you when looking to move across the border into the US.

There may come a time in your life where you find yourself having to make a cross-border or overseas move. This could be for a number of reasons from attending a post-secondary institute in another country, a work transfer, or the desire to live in a warmer climate over the winter months. Our long distance movers at Bekins Kelowna are here to help you make this as smooth a transition as possible. Use our tips on what documents are needed, what to consider when packing, and other important things to note when making an international move.


Check First to See What Documentation is Needed

If you are moving to the United States, you will first need to apply to that country’s immigration, consulate and/or department of labour and attend to all paperwork that’s needed. This should be done many months in advance of your move. Some of the documents include:

  • A valid passport
  • Student or work visa/Green card
  • Social insurance/security number
  • Customs declaration for free entry of unaccompanied items if you are using long distance movers in Canada to bring your belongings over the border.
  • A copy of your marriage certificate if your spouse has a different last name from your own
  • A letter from your employer if you are on a work transfer
  • A veterinarian’s record of vaccination and a valid rabies vaccination certificate if you are bringing your pet across the border


Prepare an Itemized Packing and Moving Checklist

If moving overseas, you will need to declare your items, just as you would if you were importing goods into the country. That’s why it’s important to make a list of your belongings you plan to have moved. If moving to the US you will need to list all your household effects and declare that the articles are either available for your use at your new location or have been used in a household where you were a resident for one year, as to avoid paying duty.

You can find more information about bringing personal and household items to the US from the US Customs and Border Protection. Your long-distance moving company should also be able to provide information on what you may and may not be able to take over the border.


Keep Track of your Moving Quotes and Expenses

It’s not only important to make an itemized list of the belongings you plan to move when going through customs, and it’s imperative to make a list of your moving expenses, some of which you may be able to claim on your income tax. 

You can find forms and other helpful resources from the Canada Revenue Agency, including the Moving Expenses Deduction, which applies to employees and self-employed individuals, the total of all amounts included in computing income for the year from carrying on business at a new work location, or if you are leaving Canada to take courses at a post‑secondary level as a full‑time student at an educational institution in another country or if you received a taxable Canadian scholarship, bursary, fellowship, or research grant to attend that educational institution.


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