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Moving Tips: How to Move When It’s Hot

Posted on July 07, 2021

Seek shade and rest when moving in hot weather.

Seek shade and rest when moving in hot weather.

Recent weather has proven that summers in the Okanagan are getting hotter. With temperatures reaching unheralded 40°C-plus, it’s essential to prevent heat exhaustion from heavy lifting and exertion. It’s also essential to protect any temperature-sensitive items from succumbing to the heat. When moving on those hot days of summer, use these moving tips and remember Bekins Kelowna is here to help you stay cool – always.


How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion When Packing and Moving

Between packing, cleaning, and taking care of all those last-minute details, moving can cause exhaustion at the best of times. Adding extreme temperatures to the equation can spell even more trouble. Beat heat exhaustion by following these tips:

  • Plan and pack early: One of the best things you can do when the heat rises is to do most of the work in the early morning and ahead of schedule.
  • Drink plenty of water: Ensure to keep hydrated before, during, and after your moving day, especially when doing anything physical.
  • Rest: Take plenty of breaks throughout the day when packing or cleaning.
  • Seek shade: Avoid being outdoors as much as possible and try to do most of your packing and cleaning in air-conditioned rooms or use fans to keep yourself cool.
  • Ask for help: Besides providing moving and storage in Kelowna, Bekins also offers packing services that help alleviate some of the burdens when the heat gets too much.


Ways to Protect Heat-Sensitive Belongings 

We know what high temperatures do to plants and perishable products but, extreme heat and humidity can also cause damage to electronics, wooden and leather furniture, instruments, appliances, artwork, photos, your prized record collection, etc.

Protect temperature-sensitive items when packing them for a move. Make sure to:

  • Wrap and pad items in protective moisture-repellent materials. However, be careful of placing your items in plastic bags for long periods of time, as moisture can get trapped inside causing mould.
  • Use new and properly sized moving boxes. Local Kelowna moving companies such as Bekins offer packing materials and moving supplies that protect things from the scorching sun.
  • Hire a moving company that has air-conditioned moving trucks and has a professional moving crew. That will ensure your goods are protected while in transit.
  • Store items in climate-controlled storage spaces. Bekins provides both short and long-term storage services in a climate-controlled warehouse in Kelowna. 


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From full-service and do-it-yourself moving and storage services to a fleet of moving trucks and professional moving crews, as well as a large selection of moving supplies, Bekins Kelowna has everything to help you move in all kinds of weather. Contact us for a free moving quote.