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Moving with Pets: How to Keep Everyone Happy

Posted on January 15, 2021

Let your pet acclimate to your new home after your moving company delivers your belongings.

Let your pet acclimate to your new home after your moving company delivers your belongings.

Besides the kids and grandma, it’s essential to consider your other family members when moving. All that hustle, bustle and change can cause confusion and panic in your pets. Learn ways you can keep Fifi or Fido calm during and after your moving company arrives, and don’t forget to store up on extra treats to show how much you appreciate them.


Soothe the Not-so Savage Beast

Moving day can be extremely stressful for your four-legged friends. Dogs especially can panic when they see strangers, in this case, movers, coming into their homes. Their instinct is to either fight or take flight.

One way to calm the situation is to see if your dog or cat can stay at a friend’s or somewhere they are familiar with on your moving day. Another option is to place your pet in a quiet room in your home. Make sure to keep the door and windows shut until most of the work is done. Let your movers know not to open the door and let your pet escape accidentally.


Throw Your Pet a Bone

Before travelling to your new home, make sure to make a moving checklist of all the things you’ll need for the journey and don’t forget to pack items for your pet.

Things to pack for your pet should include:

  • Carrier and/or bed
  • Leash 
  • Favourite chew toy, bone
  • Food and water bowls   
  • Kitty litter, box and scoop
  • Waste bags
  • Water, food, and treats
  • Blanket
  • Medications/immunization record
  • Registration papers

If placing your dog in a carrier, make sure to stop frequently along the way so they can run off that nervous energy and do their business. Don’t forget to place them on a leash and bring along a waste bag.


Let Sleeping Pets Lie

Once arriving at your destination, unpack your pet’s belongings first and place them in a safe space inside your new home. Let your pet get familiar with their immediate surroundings before letting them roam to other parts of the house or outside. Ensure all screens, windows, doors, and fences are secure, so they don’t escape and get lost. 

Slowly acclimatize your pet by taking them to different parts of the house and out for walks on a leash. 

Don’t forget to register your pet and get your new address added to their microchip, license or tattoo.

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