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Need to Move Last-minute? Kelowna Moving Companies Can Help

Posted on January 14, 2016

Whether it’s due to an injury, or other unforeseen situation, some Kelowna moving companies offer last-minute services to keep your move on track.

Whether it’s due to an injury, or other unforeseen situation, some Kelowna moving companies offer last-minute services to keep your move on track.

So, you’ve got most of your boxes packed and you’re nearly ready for the big moving day. There’s just one problem: your back gave out and now you’re in a bit of a bind. Fortunately, a number of local moving companies offer emergency moving services for precisely these kinds of situations.

Moving under any circumstance is challenging, both physically and mentally. When you encounter an unexpected obstacle (such as an injury) when you’re supposed to be moving, it’s nice to know there are friendly, local movers available to step in and help.

In addition to injuries and illness, homeowners can require last-minute moving services for any number of reasons: 

  • Unexpected event conflicts with moving schedule
  • Other moving company failed to show up
  • Moving truck you rented isn’t available
  • Friends are no longer able to help you move
  • A job opportunity that requires an immediate start
  • Relocating to another town for family reasons

 Help at any Stage

Whether your boxes are full and ready to go, or you were unable to even start the process, moving companies like Bekins Moving and Storage Kelowna can help whatever stage you’re in. And if you still have belongings that still need to be put into boxes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing industry professionals are packing your goods with the utmost care.

They’ll have all of the necessary equipment and materials to safely pack and transport your belongings:

  • Moving vehicles
  • Dollies and other equipment
  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Packing material
  • Padded blankets

Plus, once everything is ready to go, your Kelowna movers have the manpower to transfer your items quickly and safely.

Temporary or Long-term Storage

Let’s say the place you’re moving to isn’t quite ready, but you still need to be out of your current place. Or perhaps you overlooked the fact that there isn’t enough space at your new home to accommodate all of your possessions. 

In these types of situations, there are a few Kelowna moving companies that provide temporary (or long-term) storage solutions. This is a handy option because it buys you a little time to make arrangements at your new place. Once everything is in order, you can simply request the moving company to forward your belongings.

The Job Is Bigger than You Anticipated

Moving can seem like such a straightforward thing:

  • You fill the box
  • You seal the box
  • You move the box

If only it were always that simple. Many Okanagan homeowners have called our last minute movers because they suddenly realize moving their hot tub isn’t as easy as it looks.

Transporting specialty items requires the right blend of knowledge, experience and equipment in order to protect the item, your home and the movers themselves. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of specialty movers for things like:

  • Pianos
  • Safes
  • Heavy equipment
  • Vehicles

To learn more about this, read our post: 5 Reasons to Use Professional Kelowna Movers for Specialty Items.

Are you scrambling to find Kelowna moving companies that can assist you with your last-minute move? Call the experts at Bekins Moving and Storage. We have crews on standby to help save the day.