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Packers and Movers: Top 12 Most Fragile Items in Your Home and How to Pack Them

Posted on July 16, 2020

Protect your fragile items from damage by learning to pack them the right way from your Bekins Kelowna packers and movers.

Protect your fragile items from damage by learning to pack them the right way from your Bekins Kelowna packers and movers.

Moving fragile items takes a certain skill set. Luckily, at Bekins Kelowna, professional packers and movers have all the tools necessary to move both breakable and unwieldy items such as pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, and more. But what can you do to ensure your box of prized ceramic mugs arrives safely at your new home? We’re here to help by looking at the Top 12 most fragile items in your home and how to properly pack them:


1. Glassware and Crystal


Pack your wine glasses, tumblers, and other glassware the right way. Use packing materials such as:

  • Small-to medium-sized good-quality boxes to avoid shifting
  • Crumpled packing paper or newsprint to cover the bottom of the box
  • Tissue or bubble wrap to wrap each glass
  • Extra padding for the top of the box
  • Tape and marker  


2. Dinnerware, China



Dinnerware, such as plates, bowls, and platters, should be wrapped individually in bubble wrap and then placed vertically atop one another inside of a small-to-medium packing box. Pad all hollow spaces with crumpled packing paper or packing peanuts.


3. Lamps and Lampshades


Remove the shades and bulbs from your lamps. Wrap the shade in bubble wrap and pack it separately from the base. Lay lampshades flat side down in a box and use crumpled paper to prevent shifting.


4. Mirrors

packing up mirror

Place an X with low-tack adhesive tape (artist tape) across the glass. Measure and cut 2 pieces of cardboard or foam board to place on the top and on the back of the frame. Wrap with packing paper and tape all the sides down. Secure corners with cardboard. You can also ask your movers in Kelowna if they have any specialty mirror boxes for sale.


5. Artwork


Use the same technique to pack glass-in-frame paintings as you would for mirrors. For canvases, wrap in acid-free paper and then cover in bubble wrap and seal with masking tape. Place in a box if possible and pad with a blanket for extra protection. Look for specialty wood-crating services for valuable artwork such as glass, sculptures, and animal heads. 


6. Vases, Ceramics


Stuff the entire opening of your vases and ceramics, such as mugs, with crumpled news or packing paper, then wrap each piece with bubble wrap. Secure each item with packing tape. Pad the box with crumpled paper, peaking peanuts, or an old towel.


7. Figurines, Porcelain


Pack your figurines the same way you would your glassware, but consider an extra layer of bubble wrap. For precious antiques and collectibles, contact your Kelowna mover about fragile and breakable packing services.


8. Electronics


If possible pack your computers, TVs, and other electronics in their original boxes lined with Styrofoam or packing peanuts. Label all cables, cords, and plugs and place them in individual Ziploc bags to be placed inside the box. Read our blog on Office Movers: How to Pack and Move Electronics.


9. Books


Protect your books from damage by laying them flat instead of the spine up. Place hardbacks on the bottom and paperbacks on top. Pad any empty spaces with paper to prevent shifting.


10. Liquids/Liquor bottles


Prevent leaks by sealing each bottle with plastic wrap before replacing the cap. Wrap all bottles in packing paper. Use a divided cell box to pack wine bottles. Triple tape the bottom of all boxes.


11. Christmas Ornaments and Lights


Wrap each ornament in tissue paper or use egg cartons for smaller ornaments. Place hooks in Ziploc bags. Pack lights by wrapping the cords around a piece of cardboard or onto a wire hanger, and then wrap in tissue paper. Place in a sturdy box or plastic container.


12. Pianos and Pool Tables

Unless it is a toy instrument, it is not advised that you attempt to pack and move a piano or pool table yourself. Professional pool table and piano movers have special tools and equipment, such as blankets, pads, straps, ramps, dollies, skids, and lifts, to safely handle heavy, unwieldy, fragile, and expensive items. 

Leave your packing and moving to the pros. Contact Bekins Kelowna movers if you require content packing, unpacking, wood crating, and fragile/breakable packing services, as well as specialty moving services such as piano, hot tub, and pool table moving. We also sell a wide selection of packing materials at competitive prices.