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Piano Movers Need More Than Strength to Do the Job Right

Posted on July 06, 2016

Professional piano movers use a combination of strength, equipment and experience to safeguard your prized instrument during each phase of transport.

Professional piano movers use a combination of strength, equipment and experience to safeguard your prized instrument during each phase of transport.

One of the first things that pop into people’s minds when you mention piano movers is usually a big, burly giant with super-human strength. Pianos, after all, are about as heavy a musical instrument as you’re likely to find. And moving them is no easy feat.

Sure, it definitely helps to have some muscle to lift, load and transfer these hefty musical instruments. But the moving companies Kelowna residents trust with their oversized belongings use their brains as much as their brawn.


How Much Do Pianos Weigh?

If you’re thinking of moving your piano yourself, make sure you’ve got plan in place and some friends to help out. The reason is simple: they’re heavy and bulky. It’s virtually impossible for a single person to handle without damaging either the instrument itself or its surroundings.

Depending on the type and quality of piano you have, here are some typical weight ranges you might have to contend with: 

  • Small upright: 300 to 400 pounds
  • Large uprights: 500 to 900 pounds
  • Grand pianos: 500 to 1,200 pounds!



One thing that separates professional piano movers from the average homeowner is equipment. Whereas a homeowner might have a dolly (and likely an undersized one for this type of job) that they use to move larger items, the moving companies Kelowna residents call when they need help have access to an array of industrial-quality moving equipment, including: 

  • Ramps
  • Dollies
  • Skids
  • Straps



Moving equipment will only get you so far if you don’t fully understand how to use it. Because they move heavy objects for a living, piano movers are well-versed in how to utilize the tools they have at their disposal to protect: 

  • The piano
  • Their surroundings
  • Themselves

By understanding how to use leverage to properly load and transport something as large as a piano, it increases the margin of safety for everyone involved. The same principles apply to moving other large items, such as: 

  • Hot tubs
  • Pool tables
  • Safes 

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Assessing the Situation

If there’s one thing that’s understood by the moving companies Kelowna homeowners rely on, it’s that no two moves are the same. The location of the piano in a house will greatly influence the difficulty of the move. Some of the things moving companies consider include:

  • Which floor is it on?
  • Are there narrow hallways or turns?
  • Are there any stairs?

Basically, anything that impedes movement will increase the difficulty of the job. Fortunately, the aforementioned combination of skill and experience allows Kelowna moving companies to plan for any situation they might encounter.


Do you have a cherished piano that needs to be moved? The professional piano movers at Bekins Moving & Storage have the know-how and equipment to carefully load and transport your piano anywhere in the world.