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Pro Vehicle Moving Tips

Posted on November 29, 2022

Keep your most valuable asset safe by following a few tips on moving your vehicle.

Keep your most valuable asset safe by following a few tips on moving your vehicle.

It's one thing to pack up an entire home and move; it's another to transport additional vehicles. Unless you plan on driving back and forth from your existing home to your new one to get your vehicles moved, you might want to contact us. We offer vehicle moving services anywhere in Canada, including to other provinces, as long as you have the proper insurance. Yes, if you're moving around the block, doing it yourself isn't such a bad idea, but moving to another city or province and doing it yourself probably isn't the most efficient use of your time.

Tips When Using A Moving Service

Your vehicle is most likely one of your most valuable assets, and to protect that asset, we've put together some moving tips for vehicles when hiring a vehicle moving company.

Tip #1

Give your vehicle a good clean, inside and out. It may seem pointless since you will most likely do it again on the other end, but having a clean vehicle makes it easier to spot any damages such as dents and chips. That leads us to our next moving tip for your vehicle; detail any existing deficiencies on your vehicle and review them with your moving services company. As part of logging the damages, log the odometer reading.

Tip #2

The chances are, the moving company is transporting your vehicle either on a moving truck bed or in a storage container. In many cases, the cost is based on the total weight. In an effort to keep costs as low as possible, don't fill the gas tank before loading it into the moving truck. What you will want to do is confirm the battery is good, the tire pressure is where it should be, and the fluids are topped up.

Tip #3

Be sure to remove any personal items and cash if you keep them in your vehicle. You will also want to deactivate the alarm and ensure the side mirrors are folded in.

Whether you have a collector's car, SUV, truck, rec vehicle, such as an ATV, or any other type of vehicle, we can move it for you. In addition to providing moving and storage services for residential, we are experts in international moves as well. We don't just handle vehicle moving if you are moving your home, we can also get your show car to and from any show location. Contact us today for more information or to receive a moving quote.