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Roll over Beethoven: How to Get in Tune for Piano Movers

Posted on February 21, 2018

Keep the inside mechanics of your piano in fine tune by hiring professional piano movers.

Keep the inside mechanics of your piano in fine tune by hiring professional piano movers.

Saying that a piano is difficult to move is an understatement. Not only are the instruments fragile and expensive, but they are also heavy. The average upright piano can weigh 300 lbs, while a concert grand piano can be more than 500 lbs.

This is where hiring professional piano movers is the right move.

Here are some other key points to make sure your piano move goes over as well as a finely played sonata.


Measure up for your piano move 

There are a few things to keep in mind when measuring a piano for house movers. First, take into consideration what type of piano it is, and then take the measurements accordingly.

For help, follow this guide:

  • For upright pianos, measure the overall height from the floor to the top of the instrument and then the width from one side to the other (not just the keyboard)
  • For grand pianos, close the lid and then measure from the piano keys through the centre to the longest part of the tail, and also measure the width. 


Placement is key

Not only is it important to measure your piano, but it’s also a good idea to make sure the space in your new home is the right fit.

For the best sound, a baby grand or concert grand piano should be placed so that the piano players faces the room (not a wall) and the bass side of the piano (left side) runs parallel to a wall so that the sound will reverberate.

 If you’re moving an upright piano, make sure it is placed on an inner wall away from windows, sunlight and heat and air vents. Not only can light and/or heat discolour a piano’s wood finish and dry out the piano’s soundboard, causing it to crack, humidity and moisture can also affect the tuning.

You should also keep your piano away from:

  • Heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Fireplaces


Tune after your move

According to professional piano tuners, it’s important to let your piano settle in its new location before you have it cleaned or tuned. As a finely crafted instrument, it will need to adjust to the environment and climate of your new home. 

The tuning of your piano can also depend on the distance and time it took to conduct your over and whether it was kept in a climate controlled environment for the duration.

While your moving company won’t likely be able to help tune or clean your piano, they can likely suggest professionals who can.


Consider storage

If you are moving long distance or have a period of transition between when your packers and movers arrive to when your move-in date takes place, consider storing your piano in a climate-controlled warehouse or storage facility to best protect it. Look for a moving company that offers storage as part of their moving services.


For more information, read our blog on 4 Ways a Moving Company Handles Personal Property with Care.


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