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Smell the Flowers and Stay Cool With These 5 Spring Moving Tips

Posted on April 11, 2019

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers when cleaning your house and using our other spring moving tips.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers when cleaning your house and using our other spring moving tips.

The one thing about spring is how it makes us feel new again. When you think about it, we are like flowers in that we open to the light and the sun beating down on our faces. That feeling of renewal can be applied when we move. There are ways to make a spring move less stressful. Take the time to smell the flowers and use these moving tips to embrace the good things about moving in spring.


1. Spring to it when Looking for the Right Moving Company

As spring tends to be a popular time for both local and long distance moving, it’s important to find movers as soon as you know your moving date. While affordability is important, searching out the lowest moving quote isn’t always the best option when it comes to service.

Things you should look for when researching moving companies include:

  • Reputation: Before booking your house movers, first see what others have had to say about them. Look for company ratings and moving reviews online to see if the company has a successful track record. Also see if they are members of an accredited moving association such as the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). 
  • Professionalism: Is the moving company licensed and insured? Does it have a fleet of good working trucks operated by professional drivers and movers? Are the rates transparent and explained clearly? What type of protection does it offer?
  • Specialty Moving Services: Does the company offer professional packing and moving services? Can it handle delicate and large items such as pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, and even vehicles?


2. Clean out the Cobwebs of Winter

Another great thing about moving in spring is that it tends to be a time when we have renewed energy. With our proverbial batteries charged, we can get down to the act of packing and checking off all the items on our moving checklist with a renewed sense of purpose. Apply that to your spring cleaning. Start with your yard, raking up leaves and dead branches, and then work your way inside your house. Start with the basement and the rooms you use the least then end with the kitchen and main bathroom. Take your time.  Breathe.


3. Weather Out Those Spring Storms

Spring weather in the Okanagan can be unpredictable. One day, we can experience clear and sunny skies while the next can bring torrential rain and howling winds.   Still, spring tends to be a better time to make a move than in the frozen depths of winter or the extreme heat of summer. The best way to weather the weather is to keep an eye on the forecast and respond accordingly by keeping your boxes and items that can be damaged by the damp inside your house until your house movers arrive.


4. Hold a Spring Moving Sale

One of the best things about moving in spring is that it’s also the season when people start trolling garage and yard sales for worldly goods. Take advantage of the season by holding your own sale of household goods that you won’t need at your new location.


5. Plan for the Unexpected

Besides the weather, other things to keep in mind when moving in spring include: 

  • Allergies: All that pollen and dust can cause our eyes to water and noses to run. If you suffer from allergies, try not to pack or do any heavy lifting when they are at their worst and make sure you have your allergy medication and tissues on hand at all times.
  • Fitness: If you have had a rather sedentary winter, you may want to get out for a walk or bike and get yourself physically ready for your move. A little exercise and fresh air should wake up your senses and your body for the work ahead. 
  • Kids: Children often have the hardest time adjusting to a move. This is especially true if they are moving to a new neighbourhood and school. Prepare them ahead of time by getting them involved in the moving process and familiar with their new surroundings as soon as possible.


For more moving tips, read our blog on Moving Last Minute with Kids.


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