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Stress-Free Long Distance Move Over The Holidays

Posted on December 23, 2022

Leave the moving to the experts while you enjoy the holidays.

Leave the moving to the experts while you enjoy the holidays.

Moving down the street or across town is one thing. Moving across the country or internationally is a whole different situation. As you prepare for your long-distance move, the task may seem daunting in comparison to a same-city move, and we get it; there are a lot of moving parts - no pun intended. As moving experts, we are here to lessen the burden of a move by providing some long-distance moving tips and to help you move entirely, even if your move is happening during the holidays. 

Ask For Help

The chances are if you don't enjoy packing, your friends and family don't either and as a result, most won't volunteer. With that said, it doesn't hurt to ask, especially if you have helped them in the past. However, during the holidays, enlisting help may not be as easy, which is why you may want to consider hiring a moving services company.

It's So Far

A long-distance move adds additional challenges leading up to your move-in date, such as being there in person for a final walk-through and setting up all your utilities. That leads us to one of our moving tips: get your utilities hooked up before you arrive in your new city, especially if you are moving somewhere cold. The last thing you want during the winter months is to arrive and have no heat. 

As for the walk-through, see if you can participate in one via a video call and have your realtor on the other end share the details that you can't see on the video. Yes, we realize it's not as good as being there, but it's better than nothing. 

Wait If You Can

If your move is happening during the holidays and you don't have to be in your new home by a specific date, consider delaying the move by a couple of days so you can spend the holidays with family. If this is an option, contact your local moving company to learn about storage options, like a self-storage rental or portable storage container. 

Options For Moving

It may not feel like it, but there are actually quite a few options for moving your belongings. The first option is to sell the bulk of your items with the plans to buy new stuff - although, this isn't always what we recommend. Another option is to pack as much of your personal belongings in your vehicles and drive yourself, leaving the remainder in a storage facility. If you are moving overseas, this may be a little difficult since you will be limited to the bags you can check in on a flight. 

Consider moving your items via a portable storage container. This is not only a great way to transport items, but it is great for packing at your pace since you will have it on your property leading up to your move-out date. Not only that, it serves as your storage option should you delay your departure slightly. 

As we mentioned above, long-distance moves have a few additional layers, particularly if you are moving overseas; in which case, we highly recommend using a moving services company that specializes in long-distance and international moves. When you move out of the country, there are some required documents that you may not be aware of which a moving company will help you with. Additionally, moving overseas requires relationships on the other side, and we have those to assist when your items arrive. 

It's the holidays, so whatever your reason for moving during this time is, it shouldn't take away from spending it with loved ones. Reach out to us today and let us do the 'heavy lifting" so you can enjoy the season.