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The Couple’s Moving Guide

Posted on February 17, 2021

Consolidate your assets when moving in together.

Consolidate your assets when moving in together.

Whether you want to save on rent or have decided to chip in on a mortgage together, moving in with your significant other is one of the most significant life steps you will take. Before you start cutting keys for two, it’s essential to consider all involved when living together. Start by sitting down to discuss your bill sharing options and deciding what furniture and appliances you’ll need. Having everything sorted out before you move will ensure that your new home is a happy one.


Lay All Your Cards on the Table

Living under the same roof can be a true test of a relationship. Even if you think you know your partner’s habits and eccentricities, you may still encounter challenges if you don’t first discuss issues such as:


  • Finances: Set a clear path on how you will share your financial responsibilities. Make a budget and decide how you will split your rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries and other household expenses, and stick to it.
  • Assets: While it may be uncomfortable, it’s essential to discuss what you will do with your shared property and any debts if the inevitable happens and you go your separate ways. 
  • Expectations: Discuss your ground rules and shared responsibilities so that one person doesn’t get stuck with the cleaning, cooking, and other chores. 
  • Boundaries: Know that being independent is as important as being together and that calm heads always prevail.



Sort Out Your Stuff 

We’re not talking about couple’s counselling, but about what stuff you’ll want to consolidate and what you’ll want to get rid of before moving in together. 

To do this, start by making a moving checklist of all your respective furniture, furnishings, and appliances. 

  • Look for duplicate or redundant items. 
  • Compromise on which items will fit best in your new home. 
  • Sell or donate anything you no longer want or need.
  • Consider purchasing larger items, such as a new washer/dryer, together.


Look for Reliable Local or Long Distance Moving DIY Services

Moving from two separate residences into one can not only be stressful but costly. However, there are ways you can save your heads and money. One way is to look into Bekins Kelowna’s local and long-distance DIY moving services, including truck, storage container, packing materials and moving equipment rentals and see how you can move at your own pace by reading The Art of the Slow Move. 


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