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Tips For Moving House Plants

Posted on November 15, 2022

Take a few extra precautions when moving plants.

Take a few extra precautions when moving plants.

We know, moving whether you hired a moving company or you are doing it yourself is extremely stressful. Guess, what? You aren't the only thing that feels stressed. If you have house plants, be it 20 or just one, moving them can be hard on them, especially if they aren't given the proper care and attention they require.

We're here to give you a few simple tips that can help keep your plants happy as they transition to a new home.

Ask Experts

We specialize in moving and self-storage, and although we know a little bit about moving plants, we don't claim to be experts. Reach out to your local garden nursery for moving tips directly related to specific plants. 

Humble Advice From Movers

As we just admitted; we are not plant experts, but we are moving experts. This is what we've learned throughout the years of helping people move.

Roughly three weeks before moving day, give your plants a prune, removing any dead leaves and trimming others back a bit. This will put your plant into a state of feeling comfortable with change. 

Closer To Moving Day

A few days before the big move, give your plants a good water. As part of the watering process, you will want to ensure they are fully drained but still damp before placing them in a moving truck to be transported. Have water readily available should they get a little thirsty; which is often dependent on how warm it is outside.

To avoid bringing unnecessary bugs to your new home, it's been said that placing a flea collar at the base will prevent this from happening. We do know, it can't do any harm.

When placing your plants in moving boxes, you'll want to make sure they are secure and there isn't any room for them to shift in the box. If you are moving smaller house plants, feel free to place them together and put a lid on; just be sure to poke holes so there's airflow. On moving day, you will want to cover the foliage with plastic bags and secure it with clips.

During the cold months, even a slight draft can cause your plants to panic, and you can help protect and insulate them by wrapping them in newspaper. Working with a moving services company like ours will allow our expert household movers to assist you with keeping your plants safe and secure.

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