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Tips For Moving In The Cold

Posted on October 31, 2022

Contact your local moving company for some cold-weather moving tips.

Contact your local moving company for some cold-weather moving tips.

One of the best things about living in Canada is getting to experience all four seasons. Well, it's great until you have to move during one of them; winter. Moving comes with stress attached to it as is but when you add in colder weather, the stress can be heightened if you aren't prepared. We always recommend working with a professional moving services company no matter what time of year your move is; however if you prefer to do it yourself, we've put together a few moving tips for moving in cold weather. 

Be Prepared

In most cases, people don't have a ton of flexibility on when their moving date is, but with that said, you should pay attention to the weather, and if your moving day looks like it's going to fall on a day a blizzard hits, you may want to get ahead of it. Planning is key, and having a backup plan isn't a bad idea. To help prevent injuries, clear all paths you will be walking on ahead of time, including the ones at your new home. Of course, moving in the summer when it's hot can have its struggles too, but there are easier ways to cool down than there are to get warm, especially if your utilities aren't turned on, which means, ensure your utilities are working so you can heat the house as soon as you get possession of it. 

Pack Ahead

Whether you are moving in the summer or winter, starting your packing ahead of time will help alleviate some stress as you approach the moving day. To avoid hiring a moving truck and to help empty your current home sooner, consider using a mobile storage container. A moving and storage company will be able to deliver a portable storage container to your existing property where you can load it at your convenience, which prevents you from being a last-minute mover. Once your storage locker is packed up, the moving company will transport it to your new home, making it easier on the other end. 

Protect Your Stuff

When we say protect your stuff, we mean your belongings and your new home. The last thing you want is to destroy your floors before you've had a chance to enjoy them. You can either set up a sort of production line where there are people who bring your stuff to the door and then people inside move it in, or a more simple way is to either lay down blankets or cardboard to walk on. 

Your moving checklist should include having tarps to cover your belongings in vehicles where your stuff isn't covered. If it is snowing or raining, not having your moving boxes protected could damage your items.

For more moving tips for cold weather or to get a moving quote, contact your local moving company. Serving the Okanagan, and as a company built on family values, they will treat you as if you are family.