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A Real Page Turner: 6 Tips When Moving a Lot of Books

Posted on August 15, 2019

Free up your bookshelf by packing your books first before moving.

Free up your bookshelf by packing your books first before moving.

When it comes to reading, some of us haven’t entered the digital age. Many of us still love the feel of paper shifting through our fingers as we tuck into our favourite novel. The problem comes when we need to move those heavy hardbacks and fragile paperbacks from one location to another. For those who just can’t part with their home library, we offer these packing and moving tips on how to move your books with ease and keep them in good condition.


1. Sort Through Your Books Early

As books tend to be heavy, it helps to sort through them before packing to save you from some of your moving costs. Make sure you are only taking those titles you can’t live without. A number of charities, libraries, and used bookstores will be happy to take your used books off your hands.


2. Pack Your Books Before Anything Else

Free up some space by packing your books before anything else. Packing your books early also allows you to free up some of your furniture such as bookshelves, bedside tables, and coffee tables, allowing you to do some dusting before your move.


3. Think Inside the Box

Books come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. When packing your books, distribution is key. Use a sturdy box —small-to-medium boxes tend to work best— and mix your paperbacks with hardbacks to even out the weight.  Some Kelowna moving companies, such as Bekins, offer moving services and can supply specialty heavy-duty boxes that will reduce the chance for your books to fall through flimsy cardboard.


4. Protect the Spine

The rule of thumb when packing books into boxes is to line up lighter books in rows with the spines facing downwards. It’s important not to stack anything on top of the books, as the pages can get damaged. Heavier books with hardback covers can be placed upright with the spine facing against the box’s side or laid flat on top of one another inside the box.


5. Read Between the Lines

Another trick for packing books is to use fillers. Place tissue paper, newspaper or even clothing such as socks in between the gaps, so your books won’t shift when being transported by your commercial movers. If you have valuable or antique hardbacks, cover them with tissue paper, bubble wrap or packing paper to keep the covers protected.


6. Label Like a Librarian

We don’t expect you to use the Dewey Decimal System, but if you have an extensive collection of books, it helps to label your boxes according to the contents, which will make unpacking them a breeze. Try using the same method as you would on your bookshelf. This could be grouping your books according to:

  • Genre or subject
  • Author
  • Favourite titles
  • Alphabetical


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