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Kelowna Mover: What Are the Pros and Cons of Moving in with Friends

Posted on April 24, 2019

Moving in with friends? See how a Kelowna mover can help you move in together, or out if things go wrong.

Moving in with friends? See how a Kelowna mover can help you move in together, or out if things go wrong.

Friends: Can (sometimes!) live with them; can’t live without them. That adage rings true when you and your friends decide to share accommodation. Here, we look at the benefits and downfalls of moving in with friends as well as the strategies for dealing with unexpected situations and what to do before things go “wrong.” We also look at how a Kelowna mover can help you move in, or out, of shared accommodations with ease.


One for All, All for One

Friends as roommates come with its share of ups and downs. On the upside, you'll be able to share the cost of a mover and the rent. However, the downfalls can lead to the loss of friendship things go awry.


Pros of Having Friends as Roommates:

  • Savings: You'll save money on the cost of a moving company as well as rent, utilities, and other expenses such as food, household supplies, and maintenance.
  • Safety: You’ll not have to worry about asking for references or conducting a background check before moving in together.
  • Awareness: You will also likely know each other’s personality traits.
  • Companionship: You’ll never be lonely, as you will always have someone to share your day.
  • Chore Splitting: You’ll save time and energy on housekeeping.


Cons of Having Friends as Roommates: 

  • Lack of Privacy: There may be times when you don't want to share your day or the bathroom.
  • Bad Habits: Your friend/roommate may not like to wash dishes, or has a habit of leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor.
  • TMI: Your friend’s true colours may come out when you start living together, i.e., they like to watch TV in their underwear.
  • Awkwardness: Things can get awkward if you want to bring home a new friend to watch Netflix and chill.


Cooking and Communication

If you want to know what it’s like to share a living space with a friend, start by cooking with them. Preparing food is a great way to "test the waters," as it will let you each see how you like to organize things, how you deal with stress and unexpected situations, and whether or not you can load a dishwasher and clean a counter. Cooking together can also be used as an analogy of how you communicate with one another. When you become roommates, it's essential to determine whether you are at ease with:

  • Sharing financial responsibilities
  • Telling the truth when something is bothering you
  • Setting boundaries if you feel you lack privacy
  • Making house rules about what is shared space and what is not
  • Establishing a chore list of shared and individual tasks


How Moving Services Can Help

As you will be pooling your resources to share the rent, you should also do the same when moving. Save time, energy and money by hiring professional movers to move you and your roommates’ belongings into your new apartment or house.

In case things do go wrong and you find that living together just isn’t going work, it's crucial to handle the situation as smoothly as possible and have a back-up plan. Not only will you need to find a new place to live, but you'll also want to seek out last-minute moving and services such as short-term storage solution, in case you don’t have a place to move into right away.


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