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What to Look for in a Kelowna Mover: Price Is only Part of the Equation

Posted on February 13, 2017

Using office movers to relocate your company will ensure you’re up and running quickly in your new environment.

Using office movers to relocate your company will ensure you’re up and running quickly in your new environment.

When choosing a Kelowna mover, many people base their decision solely on price. No one wants to pay more than they have to for moving services, which is completely understandable. But sometimes settling for the lowest bid isn’t the best option.

In addition to receiving a competitive moving quote, it’s a good idea to consider the value of the service you receive in terms of:

  • Industry experience
  • Moving resources and manpower
  • Moving company reputation

If you’re looking for a Kelowna moving company that offers value for your dollar, this will get you started…


Get an Accurate Moving Quote

To get an accurate moving estimate, it’s important to have an experienced estimator come to your home and give you a detailed breakdown of how much it’s going to cost, and why. This should include:

  • Weight and volume of goods to be moved
  • Distance moved
  • Items that require special handling (hot tubs, art work, pianos etc.)

Be sure to take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Most reputable moving companies will provide free, in-person, no-obligation quotes. If someone tries to charge you for this service, you should be leery. Also, some house movers will try to give you an estimate over the phone. If this happens, hang up and look for a different Kelowna mover.

If price is a major concern, read our post: Moving Company Offers 4 Tips for Lowering Moving Quotes.


Range of Moving Services

Smaller moving companies might claim to have the ability to handle any type of move, but in reality they might lack the skill, equipment and resources to manage things like:

  • Long distance moving
  • Last minute moving
  • Moving specialty items

For instance, if you were moving from the Okanagan to Atlantic Canada, it would be worth finding out whether your moving company is affiliated with a van line. Or, if you need to stow your belongings while you’re between homes, it would be beneficial to find a Kelowna mover that also offers temporary storage solutions.


Reliability Trumps Price

One of the easiest ways to determine whether a moving company is reliable is to ask for references. If they come from someone you know—such as a friend, family member or colleague—so much the better.

Another way to decide whether your house movers are trustworthy is to see if they:

  • Belong to a trade association like the Canadian Association of Movers
  • Are members of the local chamber of commerce
  • Have a rating with the Better Business Bureau

If all else fails, go down to their headquarters and see their operation for yourself:

  • Do they wear uniforms?
  • Is their equipment well maintained?
  • Do they have the appropriate equipment for your moving needs?


If you’re looking for a Kelowna mover with the knowledge and equipment to handle any type of move, call Bekins Moving & Storage. From local to commercial to international moving, we can manage any job.