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Where’s the Best Place to Get Moving Boxes?

Posted on October 14, 2020

Yes, you can pack that lamp when you use the right boxes and seek out packing and moving services from Bekins Kelowna moving company.

Yes, you can pack that lamp when you use the right boxes and seek out packing and moving services from Bekins Kelowna moving company.

When it comes to moving services, big things don’t always come in little packages. That’s especially true when it comes to finding the right moving box that will fit unusually shaped items such as your grandmother’s antique mantel clock. Our Kelowna moving company has researched some of the best places to find used and new moving boxes, with tips on how to pack those bulky and oddly-shaped items:


How Many Different-Sized Boxes Will I Need to Move? 

A typical packing moving checklist should include all manner of moving boxes — from extra-large to oddly-shaped boxes.

The average amount of boxes you’ll need to move a three-bedroom home includes:

  • 10-12 extra-large boxes
  • 15-20 large boxes
  • 25-30 medium boxes
  • 2-5 bulky/oddly shaped boxes
  • 8-10 wardrobe/specialty boxes 


Can I Get Used Boxes for Free? 

While used moving boxes are not always dependable and clean, you can try hitting up these Okanagan area businesses/retailers to see if they have free used moving boxes:

  • Liquor store, local microbrewery/distillery/winery
  • Fruit packing distributor, orchard  
  • Large retail store
  • Office supply/book store
  • Online classified service/Facebook
  • Friends/family


When Should I Purchase New Boxes? 

It’s recommended that you purchase new moving boxes when packing fragile items such as dishware, china, glasses, antiques, and collectibles, as well as for large, heavy objects and oddly-shaped and bulky belongings. Instead of buying flimsy boxes from the local dollar store, the best place to purchase sturdy packing materials for your move is from your Kelowna moving company.


What Boxes and Packing Materials Are Available for Moving Heavy, Bulky, and Oddly-Shaped Items?

Use extra-large and large moving boxes for bulky and oddly-shaped items. For example, if you move a Tiffany lamp, place the lamp in a large container, so the lid closes appropriately when all items are packed inside. Remove the bulb and the shade (if possible) and wrap the shade, base, and bulb in bubble wrap. Pad all open spaces in the box with crumpled up packing paper and peanuts to ensure all the pieces are stable.

Moving companies in Kelowna such as Bekins also carry specialty moving boxes and packing supplies such as:

  • 2-6 cubic foot cartons
  • China cartons
  • Small and large mirror/picture boxes
  • Flat-screen TV cartons
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Packing materials such as mattress bags, packing and tissue paper, bubble wrap, pads, tape


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Bekins Kelowna Moving and Storage offers every type of moving service, including moving boxes, protective packing materials, as well as packing services to help you handle those tough-to-pack items. Contact us for more information.