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From the time we visit your home for a free, no-obligation consultation, to the time one of our United Van Line partners delivers your belongings to your new home, you’ll enjoy a consistent level of service when you use Bekins Moving & Storage for your long-distance moving needs. Whether we’re packing, transporting or unloading your goods, we treat them with care and respect.

We take the time to explain the long-distance moving process and offer advice to make it as efficient and rewarding as possible. We include detailed moving quotes that are based on the weight of your goods and distance traveled. 

For added convenience, Bekins offers both short- and long-term storage solutions, including container storage for up to three months. And for added peace of mind, we offer several coverage options to protect your belongings.

As a member of United Van Lines, Bekins Moving & Storage has access to a network of more than 150 professional long-distance moving companies across Canada. We work directly with the destination agent to ensure you’re needs are taken care of on the other side. For quicker delivery times, we offer expedited service for moves anywhere in Canada.

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Moving with Containers

For long-distance moving outside BC, we offer a container service that allows you to transport and temporarily store your items for the ultimate peace of mind and protection.

Our containers are:

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Clean, secure, weatherproof and rodent-proof
  • Allow you to separate possessions and seal each container yourself
  • Convenient if you need short-term (30-90 day) storage

Third-party Services

Do you have a gas stove, a vintage Corvette or a high-end pool table you’re taking with you? We’ll arrange the assembly and disassembly of your most delicate and treasured items so you know they’re taken care of here and there.

Transit Protection

Our professional movers always treat your items with the utmost care; however, sometimes incidents happen during moves that may damage your items. To ensure your possessions are protected no matter what, we offer a choice of both released value and replacement value protection, and our moving consultants take the time to ensure you understand your transit protection options.

Released Value Protection

The basic Released Value Protection is included on all moves at no additional cost to you. This covers your possessions to a maximum value of $0.60 per pound, per article. This means that if a lost or damaged article weighs 100 pounds, the maximum amount payable to you by Bekins for loss or damage to that item will be $60.00. Should damage occur, Bekins has the option to either repair the item to your satisfaction or replace the item to the maximum value Released Value Protection provides.

Example: If a dining room chair that weighs 30 pounds was damaged, 
your maximum settlement would be $18.00 ($0.60 x 30 pounds).

If you use Bekins' packing services, and an item was lost or damaged, the amount payable would be based on the average weight of the carton.

Example: If a lamp that weighs 5 pounds was damaged in a carton that totals 15 pounds,
your maximum settlement would be $9.00 ($0.60 x 15 pounds).

In the unlikely event of a total loss, your maximum protection would be $0.60 per pound of the total weight of your shipment.

Example: If a fire were to occur and your total shipment was 8,000 pounds, 
your maximum settlement would be $4,800.00 ($0.60 x 8,000 pounds).

Although this protection is provided at no cost, it is not recommended unless you have alternate insurance on your household possessions, which protects your items during loading, unloading, transportation, and storage. Make sure to check with your insurance agent to see what coverage you have.

Replacement Value Protection

Bekins want our customers to move with peace of mind and the assurance that comes with the additional protection that Replacement Value Protection offers. This coverage means that should any item be lost or damaged on your move, Bekins will repair the item to its original condition or replaced at today's market price. This protection is limited only by the amount of valuation you select so it is important that you establish a realistic replacement value of all of your possessions. The only requirement is that your shipment is protected to a minimum of $10.00 per pound multiplied by the actual weight (or estimated weight on local moves) of your household goods.

Example: If the estimated weight of your shipment is 10,000 pounds, 
you must apply replacement coverage of no less than $100,000.00 ($10.00 x 10,000 pounds).

Our Moving Consultant will explain the cost and benefits of each of the above options in detail to ensure you make the right decision when it comes to move protection coverage on your move.


Frequently Asked Questions about Long Distance Moving within Canada

Yes, Bekins Kelowna is a member agent with United Van Lines, one of the oldest and most trusted van lines in North America. Our membership with United Van Lines allows us access to a network of more than 150 professional and vetted moving companies within Canada.

You should book your long distance movers as soon as you know your moving date.

Yes. Our membership with United Van Lines allows us to offer expedited moving services to any province across Canada.

Yes. We offer both content packing and unpacking services for long-distance moves, including fragile and breakable packing services and wood crating services for high-value items.

Our packers will arrive at least one or two business days before your moving date to pack your goods using high-quality supplies. Our Bekins Kelowna dispatch will also contact you via phone or e-mail three business days before your move to give you the time of when your moving crew will arrive.

Yes, Bekins Kelowna offers both full-service and do-it-yourself container service for long-distance moves across Canada. Contact Bekins Kelowna to deliver your container and pack and store your belongings at your leisure. We will then pick up your container, and our affiliates with United Van Lines will deliver it to your new location anywhere in Canada.

We offer two transit insurance options for long-distance moves, including Released Value Protection, which covers your possessions to a maximum value of $0.60 per pound, per article. Replacement Value Protection allows you to have your damaged or lost belonging repaired to its original condition or replaced at today's market price.

We ask that you take photos and document the damage on the work order supplied by your moving crew leader. Also, make sure to notify Bekins Kelowna head office once your move is completed.

Our agents are available to answer all of your questions. We can offer packing suggestions and also provide helpful advice and moving checklists via our online blog.

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